Appleshaw Church

The Parish of St Peter-in-the-Wood in the Benefice of Appleshaw, Kimpton, Thruxton, Fyfield and Shipton Bellinger in the Diocese of Winchester.

Incumbent:  Situation Vacant.

Benefice Administrator:  Christine Barrett, Tel: 571029, e-mail: [email protected].

Churchwardens: Lt Col Peter Poole, Greenacres, Barncroft.  Tel:771498; email [email protected]; Letitia Adams, Cooks Farm, Clanville.  Tel: 01264 772360, email [email protected]

PCC Treasurer:  Anne Cowlin, Greenacres, Barncroft.  Tel: 01264 771498, email [email protected]

PCC Secretary:  Mary Lee, 3 West Park.  Tel: 01264 771523, email [email protected]

Planned Giving coordinators:  Nick and Letitia Adams, Cooks Farm, Clanville.
Tel: 01264 772360, email: [email protected] Please let us know by contacting Letitia Adams, or Christine Barrett (contact details above) if you would like to arrange a baptism (christening), confirmation, wedding, burial, cremation, communion at home, confession, counsel, pastoral or hospital visit or any other related matter, or if you would like to know more about the local church or the Christian faith.